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  • Pigeons

  • Pigeons are gregarious birds and can live in flocks of up to about 500 birds which could soon turn into a problem. They like tall buildings and flat roofs or ledges for their nests but are also partial to balconies, chimney stacks and guttering. They also nest inside buildings and any gap larger than 25mm that allows access is all they need. Pigeons feed in the morning and early afternoon and return to their nests to take cover at night. They use the same nest over and over again and are not that fussy when it comes to cleanliness. Unlike most other birds, the repeated useage without cleaning out results in a nest that may be a mound of debris, faeces and the remains of previously hatched eggs etc. They can spread disease to humans so should be controlled around homes and businesses.

    Signs of a Pigeon infestation:

    • Birds settling on roofs or ledges in large numbers.
    • Nests in inappropriate places.
    • Lots of bird noise, especially from young chicks.
    • Large amounts of bird droppings.
    • Debris from nests.