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  • Professional Cleaning and Pest Control Services

    Greenman Services supply commercial cleaning services and pest control services. We provide free, no obligation quotes and estimates for all aspects of cleaning services and pest control. Call us today!

    Greenman Cleaning Services are Committed to Protecting the Environment

    As a caring and responsible company, Greenman Services believe that it is important to respect the environment in all our business operations and activities. We use environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals and products when possible.

    The Best Pest Control Expertise with Professional Tools to Back it up

    Not a quick fix, but a permanent solution to your pest or vermin problem... That's a promise! We place a huge emphasis on providing excellent customer service and always ensure each customer receives our full attention at all times.

  • We provide a Professional Service to both Domestic and Commercial customers for both Cleaning Services and Pest Control Services

     Greenman Services is your local, independent cleaning service provider and pest controller.

    Commercial Cleaning Services

    We can assure you that your business is very much our priority. This is due to our exceptional standard of service, our extensive cleaning knowledge and most importantly, our regular and professional contact with our clients. We can fulfil these services efficiently, professionally and at a very competitive price.

    Professional Pest Control Services

    We cover all aspects of pest control but ultimately try to ensure that we offer permanent solutions to your problem and not just a 'quick fix'. We will sit down and discuss your pest or vermin problem with you to make sure we give you the best solution.


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  • Richard Williams is a member of the British Bee Keepers Association
    and holds a Level 2 Certificate from the Royal Society for Public Health which is approved by the British Pest Control Association.

    Greenman Services provides a one off service to both domestic and commercial customers and also offers a range of commercial packages.

  • Areas of expertise in Pest Control
  • Bed bugs are parasitic insects of the cimicid family that feed exclusively on blood. Cimex lectularius, the common bed bug, is the best known as it prefers human blood.

  • Wasps are considered pests when they nest too close to buildings or people. Most stings occur in late summer when the workers search for sugary foods and are more likely to come into contact with humans.

  • Cockroaches are among the hardiest insects. Some species are capable of remaining active for a month without food and are able to survive on limited resources, such as the glue from the back of postage stamps.

  • The Bluebottle fly is a common blow fly found in the UK. Similar species include the Greenbottle, a close relative. Bluebottle fly adults feed on nectar, while the larvae (maggots) feed on carcasses of dead animals.

  • The caterpillars of the Common Clothes Moth are considered a serious pest as they can derive nourishment from clothing - in particular wool, but also many other natural fibres. They also eat stored foods such as grain.

  • The Red Fox is well know for its ability to adapt to new environments and is now abundant in our towns and cities. They are usually found in pairs or small groups and can cause havoc amongst domestic chickens and bird aviaries.

  • We all know the damage moles can do to a well manicured lawn. Male moles are called boars, females are sows and a group of moles is called a labour. They eat mainly earthworms and their runs are in reality 'worm traps'.

  • Mice are a common problem. Not only do they contaminate food and leave droppings, they can also chew wiring and cause other damage. They are found not only in our houses but in open fields and gardens in large numbers.

  • It is said that you are never far from a rat! Rats have been very successful in colonising our towns and cities where there is an abundance of waste food for them to eat. They can spread disease and cause a lot of damage to property.

  • Pigeons have become a real scourge. They breed quickly and their numbers soon become unmanageable. Their droppings soon cover cars, windows and even the washing on the line which is a real health hazard.

  • Ants only enter our homes in search of food, their nests are usually in lawns or in dry soil such as under a patio or path. Although relatively harmless they can still contaminate work surfaces and food storage areas.

  • Green Man Pest Control can also help you deal with many other infestation problems such as Woodworm, Spiders etc. Give us a call today for no-obligation advice and quotation. Our friendly team are waiting for your call.