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  • Foxes

  • Once a countryside animal, foxes are now frequently found in our towns and cities and have adapted perfectly to fit in with this new way of life. Apart from the breeding season, foxes live mainly solitary lives. They live for approx 3 or 4 years but many succumb to accidents or disease.
    Foxes can cause considerable damage to gardens as well as attacking domestic wildfowl etc. They are scavengers and predators with a wide ranging diet including birds and small mammals as well as earthworms, insects and fruit. They also enjoy scavenging our bins for discarded food. Foxes have been known to hide food for future use which can include burying chicken eggs they have found. Dog foxes use their excrement and urine to mark their territory, often leaving their droppings in prominent positions.

    Signs of a Fox in your garden:

    • Fox droppings in prominent areas.
    • Pungent smell of fox urine.
    • Chewed or trampled plants.
    • Freshly dug holes.
    • Food debris left behind.