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  • Moths

  • There is typically 3 main types of moth which attack our homes. The Carpet Moth, Food Moth and Clothing Moth.
    The Carpet Moth attacks carpets, rugs and mats at the larvae stage. Damage is more pravelent in the softer pile which leads to a threadbare appearance. The Food Moth is partial to open packets of foodstuffs such as flour, cereal or grains. Clothing damage from Clothing moths is usually found in knitwear, wool, cashmere, silk or leather garments. It is usually found as irregular holes and can occur in drawers, wardrobes etc.
    Central heating in our homes means that the moth breeding cycle has now been extended to all year round so constant surveillance is required.

    Signs of a Moth infestation:

    • Damage from the feeding larvae.
    • Small eggs in corners of drawers and wardrobes.
    • Moth larvae (maggots).
    • Live or dead adult moths.