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  • Flies

  • The House Fly, Bluebottle and Greenbottle are the most common domestic flies you will see around your home and they are all considered pests that can carry serious diseases. The average life span for a house fly is less than one month and they pass through the egg, larval and pupal stages in about 10 days,after which the adult flies emerge. Flies prefer corners and edges or thin places to rest and at night will rest near sources of food and 5 to 15 feet off the ground. They eat a wide variety of food including animal food, human food, carcasses and garbage. They lay their eggs in almost any warm, moist material that the larvae can eat. The eggs are laid in batches of up to 100 eggs and will hatch in 12 to 24 hours. 

    Signs of Fly infestation:

    • Adult flies are seen in large numbers.
    • Larvae (maggots) may be seen as they crawl out to pupate.
    • Pupae (look like brown maggots) may be seen next to the breeding area.