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  • Mice

  • The most common mouse found in our homes is the House Mouse, which is also a popular pet. Mice will enter our homes looking for food and shelter and most infestations will centre around where the food is, usually the kitchen. They are primarily nocturnal and they compensate for poor eyesight with a keen sense of hearing and rely heavily on their sense of smell to locate food. They are known to spread disease and can also damage property with their gnawing habits. A mouse will usually travel no more than 30 feet in diameter from its home during daily activities, so if you see droppings on your worktop, it lives just a few feet away.

    Signs of a Mouse infestation:

    • Hearing scratching noises.
    • An ammonia like smell.
    • Mice droppings on floors or work surfaces. small and dark, 3 to 8mm long.
    • Mice nests using easy to shred materials.