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  • Ants

  • Ants in the home can be a problem, especially if they are in the kitchen where you prepare food etc. If you do have a nest in or near your home it should be dealt with quickly as each colony can hold up to half a million ants. They swarm once a year in August when the new young queen will fly away to set up her own new colony. This swarm of 'flying ants' is usually over fairly quickly and is quite impressive in the number of ants which leave the original nest.
    Ant nests are usually underground or in other dark, dry places and the outward signs are a small pile of soil.

    Signs of an Ant infestation:

    • Live insects. Ants in large numbers can be a sign a sign of a potential problem.
    • Ant pathways into your home.
    • Ant nest in walls or near doorways